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The last section (by I.E. Mullat), was obtained about 40 years ago. As the universe evolves on the foundation of this old idea of the emergence of matter, it is assumed that matter arises due to the phase transition of dark energy, first into dark matter and then into visible matter. The density of the relativistic mass decreases, leaving the usual density of matter in static state, which is observed by astronomers. Among other things, it should be noted here that, unlike all well‐known geometric models, the Euclidean space where all our events occur, the phase transition of dark energy into matter is conducted by a stereographic projection of the three‐dimensional surface of a four‐dimensional globe. I hope that my mathematical exercises will be clear - these are not tax rules! I will adhere to unspoken rules: no references to external sources, applications, or graphic illustrations. The only thing I’m looking for is the interest of readers in my efforts - whether I’m right or not, it doesn’t matter - just the story should be interesting. I am fully aware that I suggested the reader to jump into the icy waters of crystal mathematics..


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Joseph E. Mullat

This is the final version of the work to which the author has dedicated substantial time and effort. Monotone (Monotonic) Systems are usually referred in pertinent literature as dynamic systems, and are described via differential or difference equations. In this work, the term Monotone Systems is adopted, as originally proposed by the author, who was not aware at the time that this term was already in use in a different context. Therefore, it is just a coincidence that the term ...

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