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Meet me halfway is a gripping love story about finding a different path to a full and happy life without children of your own. 
For years, Sarah has avoided any kind of deep relationship after her fiancé broke off their engagement following her shockingly premature menopause at the age of 25. Devastated by the fact that she cannot have children of her own, Sarah immerses herself in her work as a paediatrician. 
When a gorgeous new kindergarten teacher moves to town and she is chosen to be the foster parent to one of her patients, things slowly start to change. The relationship between Sarah and the little boy evolves and so does her feelings for the teacher, who is supporting her in the new role as a foster parent. 
Is Sarah ready to believe in love again? Or will her past forever block her chance of finding happiness? 
Meet me halfway is a romantic and touching debut novel by Dayane de Oliveira.


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